Lady of the ton walks alone
Head bent low
Shame around her head a halo

Lady of the ton walks alone
Hands fisted on air
Feet hitting a lonely staccato
on the grey sidewalk

Lady of the ton looks at the city mirrors
Her wet eyes they mirror
Her lonely visage a deep contrast to whiles ago

Lady of the ton carries an umbrella now,
shielding her delicate heart from the ridicule of the ton
shielding her head from rain she didn’t feel when the company was beside her

Lady of the ton,
Now a lady torn
Grabbed from love’s embrace,
now tries to save face
By lighting her smile brighter than ever
If only to blind the ton from her brittle heart
If only to not crumble

Lady of the ton wants to move streets
if only to escape the beats of two pairs of footsteps
If only to find another beat in lands away

Lady of the ton can’t read the map
Doesn’t know the directions
And fears she is lost


  1. Teddy says:

    This is simply on another level.

    I Love it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Terry254 says:

      Hey Teddy. Thank you for that wonderful comment


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