Why Not Lemons

I told my love that oranges were my favourite,so my love kissed me on the cheek and planted citrus treesAnd when December drew nigh,my love brought me lemons,said,“here, my love. Your wish is my command” They were bitter,but they were my love’s,and my love had painstakingly planted lemon trees for me. When he saw meContinue reading “Why Not Lemons”


We could wait forever by these shores,As wet clay begets dry clay begets…statues washed by these streams,frozen lovers of the river goddess;We could wait forever. Eons would go by and we would wait,fingers welded together…watching the seasons dance into each other,listening to the scorch that glues your finger to mine;We could wait forever The streamContinue reading “Thirst”

The Myth of Time

One day we will look back to those daysIced tea in our hands;something to cool our veins as our blood races home.One day we will look back,nothing in our palms but webbed lines that point home,but home is empty and the chickens didn’t come home to roost,the hearth is cold and the ashes were blownContinue reading “The Myth of Time”

Between Life and Death

Hello my sun,I have waited for you in the pages of this book,the spaces between my breathsAnd the whispers engulfed in the darkness.I have held you in my dreams every night,I have caressed your skin in your dreams. My sun,I have prayed that you remain bright ever.I have prayed that the darkness does not drawContinue reading “Between Life and Death”