Stick me in fire,
there are visions I wish to see.
How flesh melts,
and bone turns to black then grey.

How embers swallow screams,
and tongues of flame crackle as they feed.
How silence settles as ash sits,
while fire cools and dies.

Show me visions of-
how finally a wing tip reaches,
breaching the soil and-
how slowly as it rises,
soil and age fall.
Silence deafens,
war cry pushing out of rejuvenated lips.

As slowly I rise,
kissing crisp air,
moaning at the velvet caress of leaves.
Even the wind submits and stops,
gravity worshipping as it I defy.

And yet more I rise,
meeting the clouds,
soaring with the birds,
looking over the beauty of a world I now lord over,
a tiny speck miles below.
Fire burnt me,
fire built me.

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  1. theoutsider says:

    This is beautiful 💯💯


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