Between Life and Death

Hello my sun,
I have waited for you in the pages of this book,
the spaces between my breaths
And the whispers engulfed in the darkness.
I have held you in my dreams every night,
I have caressed your skin in your dreams.

My sun,
I have prayed that you remain bright ever.
I have prayed that the darkness does not draw you away,
and that my dreams never part from you.
I have wished to be embedded in you,
by you,
under you.

I have wanted to be on my knees,
to worship where your feet step,
to kiss where you lie.
I have prayed to be yours forever.

Hello my sun,
every day I prayed, I sunk.
Everyday I held out my hand, you watched.
Everyday I laughed, I cried in the same beat.
Love was a burden I wanted to carry,
love was a burden that overweighed and broke my heart,
that collapsed me,
sucked my soul out of me.

But my sun,
did you have to suck your soul with it?
Mine I could do without.
But you,
you my love were the reason my life was yours when I woke up.
I never counted breaths beyond you,
I was an extended appendage that relied on oxygen from you,
an organism that became unliving when I was away from your

Photo credit: Sorrowful Sculptures Designed in a Three-Part Collaboration Meditate on Life, Loss, and Regeneration by Stéphanie Kilgast, Miles Johnston, MoonCrane Press

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  1. elimwalimu says:

    *Finger Snaps* Beautiful as always. Meanwhile, I’m here longing for the actual sun to start shining. This cold though… I can’t even.


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