We could wait forever by these shores,
As wet clay begets dry clay begets…
statues washed by these streams,
frozen lovers of the river goddess;
We could wait forever.

Eons would go by and we would wait,
fingers welded together…
watching the seasons dance into each other,
listening to the scorch that glues your finger to mine;
We could wait forever

The stream would go quieter…
We would be abandoned lovers of a lost river
spiteful lovers awaiting Gaia,
we would wait forever.

Statue would become broken clay…
You’d scale my pieces,
feel all my hollows,
weep over my walls,
You would wait forever.

Touch me then lover,
think not of Gaia and all she owes,
think of Zeus and the break of sky…
that would be the joining of us lovers,
no end to where I begin and you end,
we would be forever.



  1. Joe Karinga says:


    Liked by 1 person

  2. odfellah says:

    Feel all your arrows.

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  3. TerryFied says:

    😂I see what you did there.

    Worry not, I bring no sharp arrows


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