Hey, it’s me again,
Can I walk alongside you?
No, don’t run off now,
I’m here to make amends and chance peace
Will you lend me your ear?
No please, stop walking so fast,
I can’t keep up

So, what is the meaning of the tattoo on your neck?
Did you get the butterfly tattoo you wanted?
You changed your hair colour?
I’m sorry
No please, stop walking so fast,
Please hear me out.

I’m sorry, I heard your mother passed on
Remember her rallying me on, when my parents couldn’t?
I couldn’t believe when I heard.
I miss her,
I miss you.
No please, stop walking so fast,
I need to get to you.

Pray believe me,
More than anything in the world,
I loved you.
I loved you so much it hurt
I loved you more than songs will ever show
No please, stop walking so fast,
My time is running out.

I haven’t moved on and–
I know it’s selfish saying that but–
I can’t seem to let you go.
All those days past,
I feel the pain of never intervening earlier
No please, stop walking so fast,
I’m almost done I promise

I’m sorry.
Wholly, utterly sorry
For ignoring, invalidating your emotions,
For letting go when you drowned,
For coming back now when I know you don’t want to see me,
Please pardon me.
Guilt overrides any emotion of mine and I can’t live like this forever.
Heal me,
One more grace and I’m gone

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  1. elimwalimu says:

    The emotion in this is for real. Reminds me of the many texts I kept sending my ex months after we broke up. Sigh… heartbreak sucks.


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