They tell me there are stages I’ve missed,
tell me I’m lost
In memories gone,
in wishes under riverbeds.

I tell them it’s human,
to want your hand on my tiny one
I’ve thirsted for your affections,
only you’re a Sahara of emotions.

They tell me to turn my back,
walk away and not look back
They don’t understand,
the cord between yours and my soul-
holds me down at your feet.

I look at you more than I should,
trace the wrinkles and the frowns
How many did I cause,
how many do you blame me for?

So much to tell you,
so much bile stuck on my throat,
so many questions silenced in my heart
Only thing I’d ask,
could you reach inside,
heal the child stuck in there?

Mayhaps the day you embrace me,
the cold in my bones will give
Maybe then you can read the secrets in my soul,
the chapters of my life you never heeded.
Is it too much to ask?

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