Why do you have wrinkles?
They stretch down,
fold your smile…
close your eyes…when you smile
Can’t look up without that fold between your eyes.
You don’t want it anymore?
You don’t feel sensual and sexual
What if like him they go from obsession to indifference?
You were pretty once.


when you look in the mirror,
your face stretches down
When you look in the mirror,
I can’t help but think,
Who will want you past tonight?
Will they turn the lights on or leave them off
Will they whisper of your beauty
Or grunt and shush!
You were once beautiful


when you look in the mirror,
I see you in the coffin your eyes come with
It’s hopeless in there
A dark hole sucking our tears in
And I wonder,
do they sleep when they lie next to you?
Do they like watching your eyes when they lie above you?
Do they hide their face in your neck,
praying for salvation and for an end to the ordeal,
and then not call the next day?
When you look in the mirror,
all I see is waste laid bare for all to see and look away
When you look in the mirror,
all I see is the wrinkles that stretch down,
the self hate that collects at the center of all of you,
When I look into your eyes,
all I see is a still black hole sucking in all our joys, memories and love
And when you look into the mirror,
all I want is to look away,
play like I never saw the shattered way the mirror folded into itself.


  1. Joe Karinga says:

    A good piece , got me thinking alot

    Liked by 1 person

  2. TerryFied says:

    Thank you.
    2AM deep thoughts😅


  3. brandymar says:

    Maybe they don’t look away, they actually stare, above or besides, they actually stare. Only that it is not in appreciation, but in wonder, almost scorn, but it’s still a stare right? They can still attract a stare, whether I’ll or positive 👀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. TerryFied says:

      But what if they feel ashamed after and stare away.


      1. brandymar says:

        I went through your work again this morning, and I thought. Who is it that said the face was wrinkled stretched by long tired years? Who is it that pointed to that and said it was not good anymore?
        Had we not been deceived by the mirror into thinking that they were bad, the maybe we’d all be longing to get to that point.
        I looked at it and all that could ring in my mind was, I always have the power to brand it whatever I wish. So if they stare and look away, if they love or scorn, I have branded it, and that’s what matters.


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