There’s an eye out there
His disciples, us lost in its hypnosis
Two separate souls,
our lives mirror
My shame you recognize
The bedlam of my mind you navigate
The pain of your past I patch
On a hill somewhere
Overlooking the lands that hurt us
Silence prevails, allows the wind to rule
On that hill we worship,
an eye to my soul to your soul
Some warmth to the chill of your bones,
You hold up my peace, happiness
In the presence of he who reads our soul


  1. elimwalimu says:

    I’m drawing a blank on this one… Hahaha. Lemme read it a couple more times first then see if I can deduce the theme. A beautiful poem nonetheless.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. TerryFied says:

      Good luck with that😂😂. I wrote it and sent it to someone.
      It revolves around things we’ve talked about with the person and has an aspect of spirituality that they shared with me.
      Consciousness, eye to your soul… Such.

      So I won’t blame you if you can’t deduce it.

      For me in this poem, “eye” stood for the universe, as a god.


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