Reviews of ‘Icarus’

By Phillip, The Outsider.

This is beautifully written. I’ll give my thoughts on it.

Well, everybody knows the story of Icarus, the guy who flew to close to the sun, but the heat was too much.

To the poem, the poem has a double meaning, the first one, is the famous old Legend Of Icarus, the second one; let me dive into it.

We are introduced to Icarus in the first stanza, he loves the sun, in the second line of S1, the sun is given a female personality. The sun is a woman.

Icarus is in love with this beautiful woman, but can’t get close to her, but he’s still determined to get close – he doesn’t care he must reach his dream and fantasy, the wild fantasy.

I’ll dive into each stanza and give my thoughts.

S1, we are given introduction to the first two entities, Icarus and the sun.
Icarus flies near the sun, gets close enough to see her
She’s beautiful, but she has flaws, and Icarus loves everything about her the beauty and flaw.
He gets close and closer to her.

S2, starts off with a warning, from a third entity, maybe an inner voice inside Icarus’ head, telling him to beware how close he flies.
But Icarus was in love with the sun, her essence- the sky, she had this power.
The third entity is Icarus’ Father, he doesn’t listen to the warning, he flies close.

S3, _Icarus beware your wings_ – from the legend, Icarus falls from the sky because of the heat that melted the wax on his feather wings.
He doesn’t listen to the second warning, he flies on.
He is in love, and nothing can change his mind.
The last two lines, Icarus is close enough, the woman of his dream has touched him.

The last two stanzas, comes the fall, he is betrayed, nothing lasts forever, the sun let him go, now he’s in the fall, he was betrayed and he is broke, guess love comes with hurting.

I love the metaphorical writing, the beauty of poetry. The rhyming was smooth. The theatrical approach too is amazing.

_~ The Outsider_

By Dr. Anthony@⁨Wambū⁩
A little suggestion you wrote immaculately the title of your poem should standout plus your penname should end this beautiful poem.
I love the fact you broke it into five stanzas I read the both and I could still feel the intensity of the flow.
It’s a great poem with an _historical background – the legend of Icarus_ what you however added is poetic brilliance.

*Background and Theme of the Poem*
Icarus is madly in love with the sun(his heartthrob) it could also mean mere _desire_ most people tend to mistake desire, fantasy, lust, infatuation, for love. But the persona(Icarus) indeed loved the sun pestered her taking notes of her anatomy in humans we would be familiar with terms like bosom, hips, face, legs and other physique but the sun has – hues, solar energy, a solar system other things Icarus could get is the light and warmth which he received from the sun now as a woman and a celestial body I can say figuratively that the sun to Icarus was dipped in brightness or splendor.
A common African proverbs says

_What the elderly people can see while sitting down on a stool even if a child climbs the highest mountain the child won’t be able to see it._
Harsh sometimes but it’s true some other times when the mind body(heart & brain) and soul are singly in love it’s very difficult to call the person to order.
Icarus beware the heat! But there was nothing stopping him he moved closer as a slow romantic song escapes from his larynx – he heaps praises on her.
Then came the second warning – in Africa proverbs again it says
_An action repeated more than once becomes a decision – also a first warning is usually enough but a second warning is the last warning because a third warning doesn’t exist._
“Icarus, beware your wings”
Icarus father warned him
Analysis of the warning is – the first warning was about her heat and the second one was about his wings which simply means the first one was to remind him of the disadvantage of going further but the second one was to alert him of his own disadvantage yet emotional intelligence was kept at Bay.

*Why does the third warning doesn’t exist?* In African tradition they believe the third is the consequences.
In stanza 4 Icarus beware……
The reason for the ellipses is the consequences
He fell abandoned by his wings falling in opposite direction stolen by the western wind.

*The Betrayal*
The heat of the sun was a figure of speech that means Icarus wasn’t expecting her to be volatile but what does betrayal do to someone? It leaves them broken poetically Icarus had wings in reality it was his state of mind that was in shambles his trust especially was in a quake yet she blossom as her yellow streaks and orange flaws the hues that once marked her flaws – but he thought he loved her flaws.

*I hope you would be able to read this review 😂*

_Well it’s so beautiful with great poetic devices._

Mazel Tov

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