Loud in my ears, quiet in my soul.
Neon lights everywhere,
looks like stars
Squint my eyes against one,
Kaleidoscope of greens, blues and yellows,
mellow my soul oh ye modern invention
Tic tac against these cobblestones,
Peace in my heart,
music in my head.

I spread my fingers.
The world is my circus,
I’m the clown.
Tic tac against this asphalt,
lemme make you laugh bloody bas-
Curse words are forbidden
Rush of machines,
everyone’s heading home.
Why am I on the opposite direction?

Happity hoppity see me skip
How ’bout you,
How ’bout you be home.
Squint my eyes against the streetlights,
I see you in the sky,
I see you when I dance.
I see you when I laugh,
Tic tac,

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