Pain’s Lover

Lay me on the altar by the river,
show me the shine of the sun on your blade.
Metal looks beautiful in your hand,
so hit me where it is most tender,
and staple my eyes open through it all.

Spread my lips so I don’t hiss,
as on your fingers my soul melts.
I fancy the mask you lay on me,
the poison painted in my blood that you took,
I fancy the red I painted on your lips.

Play me Aldous Harding as my essence you take.
Dance oh witch of Salem!
Give me one last cackle as my soul you cleave.
Drain me down your organs,
it is beautiful the way you do it.

Build a temple special for me,
bathe me in the murky swamp
Baptize me your disciple,
rename me your sacrifice,
martyr that embraces Hades for you.

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