A stubborn lip that wanted to lead,
Either released or bitten between teeth.
I was hypnotized by all the ways it moved,
all the ways it laughed,
all the ways it smiled.

The first time on my neck,
Head lolling,
mouth agape,
nerves alive.
Holding on so it don’t let go.

Felt as it rose to mine lip
Pressing nervously,
then again firmly,
drawing back slowly,
a stubborn lip commanding it leads.

Felt my heart awaken,
beating to a lip’s rhythm.
Felt my breath,
like lead in my lungs,
waiting for another touch of a lip on mine.

Felt as it’s tongue prodded,
couldn’t wait as down I pushed,
to every mine bit that wanted it to meet.
In wet drags and hard sucks,
stubborn lip had me tingling.

Further down I pushed,
to that hidden bit that wept.
Hoped there’d be relief,
only I didn’t know I’d be thirsting for more,
as it showed me more of how it moved.

First day stubborn lip said,
“I love you”
I watched the nuances and asked it repeat.
There was beauty in its movement,
I said I was besotted from the first day.

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