Silence me

Zip my lips closedHold the words ‘fore they sneak outSilence too loud,demands my voice to muffle itThe shame, pain and dreams I hinderSurround the air around usProfusely the words pourSwear you won’t judge me,promise you won’t runDon’t say a thing or you’ll make this worse

Of Stars and Love

You equate him to stars Say the whole universe lies in his embrace You’ve been giving him names Calling him Andromeda, your galaxy You’ve been weaving words of him being your sun And how your world revolves around him But girl, hasn’t he been theirs all universe? Andromeda when he’s too robust to fit inContinue reading “Of Stars and Love”

Sorrows of a dying spirit

My home is a nest of chaos masked by calmness. Detached souls trying to bond best explains us. We fight nights and put on our masks come morning because that’s all that matters; our reputation. My home is a lab where the mind is keened into submission and meekness, obedience the goal. When happiness descendsContinue reading “Sorrows of a dying spirit”